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Klondike (Solitaire)

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Bringing this back here just for fun! The original may still be at https://petitcomputer.fandom.com/wiki/Klondike_(Solitaire) This was a program I made ages ago to play good old solitaire on my DSi.


  • Tap to move cards to the foundations (the four squares at the top)
  • Drag cards to move them between stacks, the pile, and the foundations.
  • Press A to move as many cards as possible into the foundation
  • Press START to start a new game
  • Press Y to switch between three card draw and one card draw (needs a restart).
  • Press left and right to change the card backs. There are 23 in total.
  • Press up and down to change the felt background. There are 6 in total.
  • Press X to save your settings (card back/one card draw)

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