How about a spooky competition(not contest)

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It's September 30 at the time of typing this, and instead of a contest (because prizes cost moni), I decided to do a competition. It's like a contest, but it's free and it promotes innovation or something. =========================================================================== Anyways, It starts tomorrow (Oct 1st) and ends 1 week before Halloween so we have time to test peoples programs and vote, which ends on Halloween, and the results will be posted same day(hopefully, it might end the day before, but *shrugs* it depends. =========================================================================== Oh yeah, I haven't actually talked about the competition yet, uhh so basically I'm monky. The theme is obviously something to do with Halloween (we don't want no Christmas or turkey things unless you're making a holiday smash kinda game), so anything that people do on Halloween(or leading up to Halloween) is allowed. ========================================================================= You gotta game about delivering candy to people because you're a wholesome person? OK. You wanna scare some kids with a fnaf clone that has a Halloween theme with it? Yea, sure why not. YOU WANNA MAKE A 3-dimensional GAME THAT ALLOWS YOU TO MOVE IN 3 AXES? Um, depends on what you do with it, as long as it isn't a copy of a certain other Spooky Maze, You get the point, it just has to be Halloween themed ok. ========================================================================= = At this point, I'd go on to say how you enter, and how I would know that you're in the comp, but really, just put HALLOCOMP2018 as one of your tags = TL;DR I'm hosting an October Halloween themed competition: = To enter ya gotta have that HALLOCOMP2018 tag in your submission = Submissions start OCTOBER 1st, ends 24th of OCTOBER = The way voting's gonna work is by a poll on this forum, maybe hopefully, Rand or Y_ack can sticky it on the homepage???? = Voting/Playing programs start October 24TH and end on Halloween or the day before it = Results should be up on Halloween Day, Hopefully. BTW, this is just for funsies and for a challenge of some sorts, THERE AREN'T ANY PRIZES OR ANYTHING CHIEF, BUT DON'T CLICK THAT FLAG BUTTON JUST YET because you could get just the satisfaction that you're able to make something great and be Number One at something - and everyone notices that you're number juan. Also I'm not sponsored by SBS or SmileBoom or any of their affiliates. 100% calculated K, bai.

I thought we’d be doing an official one like we do every year .-.

I thought we’d be doing an official one like we do every year .-.
I mean if they do, then kill this thread, if they don't then, why not?

Oh sorry didn't see. Uhhh you gave permission to kill so