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A flappy bird clone. The code is very easy to understand and therefore it's noob friendly. The code feautures random pipe generation, a score counter system, a high-score system, random cloud generation, touch screen support and more. Changelog: Current version 1.3.5 V1.0 The game is released! V1.1 -added an options menu featuring: difficulty, music and sfx togglers. -bug fixes -grammatical error fixed V1.2 -redid the options menu now it has a lot of fancy animations and a new tab -added an option for flowers -revamped some game mechanics -made the backgrounds prettier by using gradients -bug fixes -added comments to the code to make it more beginner friendly and understandable V1.3 -added more times of day with each of them having an unique background -improved the GUI -added options to disable or enable buildings and time cycle (by default they are both enabled) -neatened the code up a bit V1.3.5 -added a high-score counter Future plans for v2.0: add a better background add an option for more pipe colors add different weather types add more game modes add a skinn selector add a shop system where you can spend the coins you earn while playing add an option to switch the background artstyle from minimalistic to realistic


Tap the screen or push any of the buttons to let the bird fly up.


What do you mean by that?

it's the death screen. the grammar is horrible on it. it should be YOU ARE DEAD not YOU ARE DEATH

Oops i'm stupid I will fix it in the next update wich will also include a options menu (probaly will be tommorow). Ps English is not my native language I know it's not a good exuse to use that.

Oh? That's not your native language? I am sorry for teasing, then.

It's okay I didn't mind it at all thanks to you guys I fixed it, so I appreciate your guys pointing it out.

How come the public key isn't working

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How come the public key isn't working
Sorry for the late response, but it should be fixed now. Btw I will update the game if there are people who want it.