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A game i started making a while before i quit SmileBASIC last year. It's supposed to resemble the Pose Mii Plus game from the Wii era.


Tilt your spacecraft, so it can fit in the circle that... Appeared in the space somehow...? Right/Left --> Tilt the spacecraft


I wanted to add stars which you would be going through (i even even had a tech demo ready so i could just copy the code lmao) and a lot more so it would look cooler but when i opened the program after a year of doing nothing i realised the code is just super weird and i can't do shit (the N3DS couldn't even handle more than 50 stars so whatever) so i might just remake this game from scratch soon or never but if i do it will look SUPER MEGA HEGA ZEGA PEGA FEGA cool and will probably have gyro controls so it's more like the game it's insipired by lmao

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