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Fighters 3d

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this is a demo that i made on petitcomputer. http://petitcomputer.wikia.com/wiki/Fighters? FIGHTERS 3d! fight!
Spoiler Passcodes: YANGJE95B6J8 - Levels up to 10 6¥074tP@@uRA - Saves...something?
SpoilerMARIO ROCKS note
BEEP - beeps BEEP 1-11 beeps which number you type in. BEEP MACH - type in a number and it will beep that number. A%ffsdf6jvglockdown - locks the game and saves it. That's all so far! look forward to seeing new passcodes in the future!


pretty much tap. there are some non-touch controls in here.

I love the music but battle menu seem to not function… pretty decent though so keep it up =)

Thank you!

I may have to change the music to non-copyright, that's probably the reason it was taken down, so I will make it non-copyright, fix it up, and then I will publish it.