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A `WHILE` block creates a loop that runs /while/ a condition is true. The condition is evaluated at each iteration, so if it changes to false, the loop will exit. * Syntax ```sb4 WHILE condition <body> WEND ``` |* Name | Description | | `WHILE` | The `WHILE` keyword is the start of a `WHILE` block. | | `condition` | An expression that results in a true or false value. | | `<body>` | Code within the `WHILE` block is executed at each iteration of the loop. | | `WEND` | The `WEND` keyword is the end of a `WHILE` block. | * Examples The `WHILE` loop is used to repeat a block of code while some trivial condition remains true. The condition must have some way to change within the loop, otherwise the loop will continue forever (unless a statement within contains `BREAK` or some other means of escape.)

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