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Convert a string into a number. * Syntax ```sbsyntax VAL string$ OUT number# ``` |* Input | Description | | `string$` | A string to convert into a number. | |* Output | Description | | `number#` | The number represented by the contents of `string$`. | The contents of `string$` must represent a legal SmileBASIC number literal of any type (integer, real, hex, binary, etc.) If the string does *not* represent a valid number, integer 0 is returned instead. The type of `number#` depends on the form of number contained in `string$`, e.g. `"&hFFFF"` will return an integer, `"123.45"` will return a real. * Examples ```sb4 'integer literal PRINT VAL("123") ``` ```sb4 'hex literal PRINT VAL("&hFFFF") ``` ```sb4 'real literal PRINT VAL("123.45") ```

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