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Swap the values of two variables. * Syntax ```sbsyntax SWAP var1, var2 ``` |* Input | Description | | `var1`, `var2` | The two variables to swap. | The values of the two variables are swapped in-place. `var1` now has `var2`'s previous value, and vice versa. The index operator may also be used to refer to elements of arrays or strings. * Examples ```sb4 'swap two variables VAR A=1 VAR B=2 SWAP A,B PRINT A,B '2 1 ``` ```sb4 'swap two array elements in place DIM ARY[]=[1,2,3] SWAP ARY[0],ARY[2] INSPECT ARY ``` ```sb4 'swap two characters in a string VAR A$="ABC" SWAP A$[0],A$[2] PRINT A$ 'CBA ```

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