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Set or get a sprite's home coordinate (transform origin.) The home coordinate is used as the origin (center point) for `SPOFS`, `SPROT`, and `SPSCALE`. Additionally, the home coordinate is used as the origin for sprite collision, and the start point of the default collision box in `SPCOL` (if a collision box is not specified.) The home coordinate is specified relative to the sprite's upper-left corner, e.g. the center of a sprite is `width/2, height/2`. If the sprite was set using a definition template, its default home coordinate is set by the template. Otherwise, it is `0,0`, or the sprite's upper-left corner. * Syntax ```sbsyntax SPHOME spriteID%, homeX%, homeY% SPHOME spriteID% OUT homeX%, homeY% ``` |* Parameter | Description | | `spriteID%` | ID of the target sprite: 0 to 4095. | | `homeX%` |#rs=2 Home coordinate X,Y of the sprite. | | `homeY%` | * Examples ```sb4 'set the home coordinate SPHOME 0,8,8 ``` ```sb4 'get the home coordinate SPHOME 0 OUT HX,HY PRINT HX,HY ```

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