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Resize the first dimension of an array. * Syntax ```sb4 RESIZE array[], dim0%, dim1%, dim2%, dim3% ``` |* Input | Description | | `array[]` | The array to resize. | | `dim0%` | The *new* size of the first dimension. | | `dim1%` |#rs=3 The *current* size of the other dimensions, if they exist. | | `dim2%` | | `dim3%` | `RESIZE` can only change the size of the first dimension of `array[]`. It cannot resize any other dimension, or change the number of dimensions. If `array[]` has more than one dimension, the sizes of all dimensions must be specified, even though they cannot be changed. * Examples ```sb4 DIM ARRAY1[10] RESIZE ARRAY1,5 PRINT DIM(ARRAY1,0) ``` ```sb4 DIM ARRAY2[10,2] RESIZE ARRAY2,5,2 PRINT DIM(ARRAY2,0) ``` ```sb4 DIM ARRAY3[10,2,3] RESIZE ARRAY3,5,2,3 PRINT DIM(ARRAY3,0) ``` ```sb4 DIM ARRAY4[10,2,3,4] RESIZE ARRAY4,5,2,3,4 PRINT DIM(ARRAY4,0) ``` ```sb4 'Error: wrong number of arguments DIM ARRAY2[10,2] RESIZE ARRAY2,5 PRINT DIM(ARRAY2,0) ``` ```sb4 'Error: trying to change second dimension DIM ARRAY2[10,2] RESIZE ARRAY2,10,5 PRINT DIM(ARRAY2,0) ```

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