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A `LOOP` block loops a section of code forever. * Syntax ```sb4 LOOP statements... ENDLOOP ``` |* Name | Description | | `statements...` | Statements inside the `LOOP` block will be repeated. | * Examples Anything inside the `LOOP` will be looped forever, unless there is a way for the loop to exit (e.g. a `BREAK` statement.) ```sb4 'this loop runs forever LOOP PRINT "I'm running forever!" ENDLOOP ``` ```sb4 'this loop will exit if the random number is 7 'or, each iteration has a 1/10 chance of exiting LOOP PRINT "Will I escape?" IF RND(10)==7 THEN BREAK ENDLOOP PRINT "I made it!" ``` Most complex interactive programs have a "main loop" that contains the core logic. It's a common-sense design pattern to have a block of code that coordinates the rest of your program, and it only makes sense to have it loop as long as necessary. `LOOP` is the perfect candidate. ```sb4 'a simple interactive program LOOP VSYNC IF BUTTON(0,#B_A) THEN PRINT "A button" IF BUTTON(0,#B_B) THEN PRINT "B button" IF BUTTON(0,#B_Y) THEN CLS IF BUTTON(0,#B_X) THEN BREAK ENDLOOP ```

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