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Load a program, stored in a TXT file, to a program slot. * Syntax ```sbsyntax LOAD file$ {, slot% } ``` |* Input | Description | | `file$` | The name or path of the file to load. | | `slot%` | The program slot used (optional; default 0.) | The `file$` parameter may optionally start with `TXT:`; e.g. `"TXT:FOO"` and `"FOO"` refer to the same file. Files from other projects can be loaded by specifying the project path; e.g. `"BAR/FOO"` or `"/FOO"` * Examples ```sb4 'load FOO into slot 0 LOAD "FOO" LOAD "TXT:FOO" LOAD "FOO",0 ``` ```sb4 'load FOO from the project BAR LOAD "BAR/FOO" ```

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