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Apply a transformation to a layer. * Simple Transformation The 2D affine transform according to the parameters is applied to the layer. ```sbsyntax LMATRIX id%, originX%, originY% {, offsetX%, offsetY% {, scaleX#, scaleY# {, angle% }}} ``` |* Input | Description | | `id%` | The ID of the target layer. | | `originX%`, `originY%` | The coordinates of the layer's origin (aka its "home coordinates.")\ The layer's transformation is centered on this point. | | `offsetX%`, `offsetY%` | The amount of offset applied to the layer (or, the location of its origin on-screen.)\ Optional. (0,0) if not specified. | | `scaleX#`, `scaleY#` | The scale factor in the X and Y direction.\ Optional. (1, 1) if not specified. | | `angle%` | The angle to rotate the layer by, in degrees.\ Optional. 0 if not specified. | * Transformation Matrix The transformation according to a transformation matrix is applied. ```sbsyntax LMATRIX id%, matrix#[] ``` |* Input | Description | | `id%` | The ID of the target layer. | | `matrix#[]` | The transformation matrix to be used. | `matrix#[]` is a 4x4 array based on the OpenGL transformation matrix, meaning any arbitrary transformation or projection that can be expressed in OpenGL can be applied. * Clear Transformation The layer's transformation is cleared. ```sbsyntax LMATRIX id% ``` |* Input | Description | | `id%` | The ID of the target layer. |

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