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Increment a variable / append to a string. * Syntax ```sbsyntax INC var {, incr } ``` |* Input | Description | | `var` | The variable to modify. | | `incr` | The value to use for the increment. | `INC` can be used for both numbers and strings. When `var` is a number, its value is increased by the value of `incr`; e.g. `INC FOO,2` will increase `FOO` by 2. `incr` is optional in this case; if omitted, it defaults to 1. When `var` is a string, `incr` must be a string, and cannot be omitted. The value of `incr` is appended to `var`; e.g. if `FOO` is `"ABC"`, then `INC FOO,"DE"` will result in `FOO` being `"ABCDE"`. * Examples ```sb4 'increment I INC I ``` ```sb4 'increment A by 3.1 INC A,3.1 ``` ```sb4 'append "FOO" to A$ VAR A$="BAR" INC A$,"FOO" ??A$ '>BARFOO ``` * Notes ** Integer Overflow/Underflow If `INC` will cause an integer value to overflow or underflow, the value is first converted to a real number. ```sb4 'overflow test VAR I%=&h7FFFFFFF 'maximum int INC I% ??I% 'now a real ```

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