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Convert an integer to a hexadecimal string. * Syntax ```sbsyntax HEX$ number% {, digits% } OUT string$ ``` |* Input | Description | | `number%` | The number to convert to hex. | | `digits%` | The minimum number of digits to return (0-8). (Optional, default 0.) | |* Output | Description | | `string$` | The hexadecimal reprecentation of `number%`. | If `digits%` is omitted or less than the minimum number of digits required to represent `number%` in hex, the returned string will include exactly as many as necessary. If it is greater, then the hex string will be padded with `0` to the specified number of digits. * Examples ```sb4 'display a hex number PRINT HEX$(79) ``` ```sb4 'display a hex number, with leading zeros PRINT HEX$(79,8) ```

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