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someone improve this later also these should be links |`ABS`|absolute value| |`ACCEL`|read accelerometer| |`ACLS`| reset graphics | |`ACOS`| inverse cosine| |`ANIMDEF`| define sprite/text animation | |`ARRAY#`| create float array | |`ARRAY$`| create string array| |`ARRAY%`| create int array | |`ARYOP`| array operation| |`ASC`|convert character to ascii value| |`ASIN`| inverse sine | |`ATAN`| inverse tangent | |`ATTR`| set text rotation attribute| |`BACKCOLOR`| set background color| |`BEEP`| play sound effect | |`BEEPPAN`| set beep pan| |`BEEPPIT`|set beep pitch| |`BEEPSTOP`| stop beep | |`BEEPVOL`| set beep volume | |`BGMCHK`| check music | |`BGMCLEAR`| clear song definition | |`BGMCONT`| unpause music | |`BGMPAUSE`| pause music | |`BGMPITCH`| set music pitch | |`BGMPLAY`| play music | |`BGMSET`| define song | |`BGMSETD`| define song with `DATA` | |`BGMSTOP`| stop music | |`BGMVAR`| get/set music variable | |`BGMVOL`| set music volume | |`BGMWET`| set music effector strength | |`BIN$`| convert number to binary string | |`BIQUAD`| apply biquadratic filter | |`BQPARAM`| generate `BIQUAD` filter | |`BREAK`| exit loop | |`BREPEAT`| set button repeat rate | |`BUTTON`| get button input | |`CALL`| call function by name | |`CALLIDX`| get sprite/text id in callback | |`CASE`| start CASE block | |`CEIL`| round number upwards | |`CHKCALL`| check if function exists | |`CHKCHR`| get charcater from text screen | |`CHKFILE`| check if file exists | |`CHKLABEL`| check if label exists | |`CHKMML`| check if MML is valid | |`CHKVAR`| check if variable exists | |`CHR$`| convert ascii value to string | |`CLASSIFY`| check if number is infinity or NaN | |`CLIPBOARD`| get/set editor clipboard | |`CLS`| clear text screen | |`COLOR`| set text color | |`COMMON`| define shared function | |`CONST`| define constant | |`CONTINUE`| jump to start of loop | |`CONTROLLER`| get controller status | |`COPY`| copy data between arrays | |`COS`| cosine | |`COSH`| hyperbolic cosine | |`DATA`| define data | |`DATE$`| get current date | |`DEC`| decrement variable | |`DEFARG`| get function argument | |`DEFARGC`| get function argument count | |`DEFOUT`| set function output | |`DEFOUTC`| get function output count | |`DEG`| convert radians to degrees | |`DELETE`| delete file | |`DIALOG`| display dialog | |`DIM`| create array, get array dimensions | |`DTREAD`| decode date string | |`EFCEN`| enable/disable effector | |`EFCSET`| set effector parameters | |`EFCWET`| set effector strength | |`ELSE`| | |`ELSEIF`| | |`END`| end function | |`ENDCASE`| end case block | |`ENDIF`| end if | |`ENDLOOP`| end loop | |`ENUM`| define enum | |`ENVFOCUS`| get/set envprogram focus | |`ENVINPUT$`| get direct mode history | |`ENVLOAD`| copy data from the main interpreter to the subprogram interpreter | |`ENVLOCATE`| ? | |`ENVPROJECT`| set subprogram project | |`ENVSAVE`| copy data from subprogram to main program | |`ENVSTAT`| get/set interpreter status | |`ENVTYPE`| check which interpreter is running | |`EXEC`| execute code in slot | |`EXP`| calculate power of /e/ | |`FADE`| set screen fade color | |`FADECHK`| check screen fade status | |`FFT`| fast fourier transform | |`FFTWFN`| generate FFT window | |`FILES`| get list of files | |`FILL`| fill array | |`FLOAT`| convert int to float | |`FLOOR`| round number down | |`FONTINFO`| get info about character | |`FOR`| for loop | |`FORMAT$`| string formatting | |`FREEMEM`| check free memory | |`GARRAY`| get graphics page array | |`GBOX`| draw unfilled rectangle | |`GCIRCLE`| draw unfilled circle | |`GCLIP`| set graphics drawing region | |`GCLS`| clear graphics page | |`GCOLOR`| set graphics drawing color | |`GCOPY`| copy graphics data | |`GFILL`| draw filled rectangle | |`GLINE`| draw line | |`GLOAD`| load data from an array to the graphics page | |`GOSUB`| run subroutine | |`GOTO`| goto | |`GPAINT`| fill enclosed area on graphics page | |`GPGET`| get color of pixel | |`GPSET`| draw pixel | |`GPUTCHR`| draw text on graphics page | |`GSAMPLE`| set graphics wrap mode | |`GSAVE`| save graphics data to array | |`GTARGET`| set current graphics page | |`GTRI`| draw filled triangle | |`GUPDATE`| update graphics after modifying `GARRAY` | |`GYROA`| get gyroscope angle | |`GYROSYNC`| reset gyroscope | |`GYROV`| get gyroscope velocity | |`HELPGET`| get data from manual | |`HELPINFO`| get data from manual | |`HEX$`| convert number to hexadecimal string | |`HSV`| convert color to HSV | |`IF`| if | |`IFFT`| inverse fast fourier transform | |`INC`| increment variable | |`INKEY$`| get keyboard input | |`INPUT`| input values | |`INSERT`| insert data into array | |`INSPECT`| display information about value | |`INSTR`| string search | |`INT`| convert number to integer | |`IRREAD`| read data from IR camera | |`IRSPRITE`| display IR camera image on sprite | |`IRSTART`| start IR camera | |`IRSTATE`| get IR camera state | |`IRSTOP`| stop IR camera | |`KEY`| set function key | |`KEYBOARD`| get raw keypresses | |`LAST`| last index in string/array (`LEN(x)-1`) | |`LAYER`| set layer mode | |`LCLIP`| set layer clipping region | |`LEFT$`| get characters from start of string | |`LEN`| get length of string/array | |`LFILTER`| set layer filter | |`LINPUT`| string input | |`LMATRIX`| set layer transform matrix | |`LOAD`| load program file into slot | |`LOADG`| load image onto graphics page | |`LOADV`| load string/array | |`LOCATE`| set text cursor position | |`LOG`| calculate logarithm | |`LOOP`| start of infinite loop | |`MAINCNT`| get frame count | |`MAX`| get maximum value in array/list | |`MBUTTON`| | |`METAEDIT`| | |`METALOAD`| | |`METASAVE`| | |`MID$`| get part of string | |`MILLISEC`| read millisecond timer | |`MIN`| get minimum value in array/list | |`MOUSE`| get mouse data | |`NEXT`| end of `FOR` loop | |`ON`| jump table | |`OPTION`| set compiler option | |`OTHERWISE`| default condition in CASE/WHEN block | |`OUT`| function output | |`PCMCONT`| unpause PCM | |`PCMPOS`| get/set PCM playback position | |`PCMSTOP`| stop pcm | |`PCMSTREAM`| set PCM array/sample rate | |`PCMVOL`| set PCM volume | |`PERFBEGIN`| start performance timer | |`PERFEND`| stop performance timer | |`POP`| remove last item from array | |`POW`| exponent | |`PRGDEL`| delete line from slot | |`PRGEDIT`| choose slot/line to edit| |`PRGGET$`| get line from slot | |`PRGINS`| insert lines in slot | |`PRGNAME$`| get slot name | |`PRGSEEK`| | |`PRGSET`| set line in slot | |`PRGSIZE`| get slot size | |`PRINT`| display text | |`PROJECT`| get/set current project folder | |`PUSH`| add item to end of array/string | |`PUSHKEY`| add keypress to input buffer | |`RAD`| convert degrees to radians | |`RANDOMIZE`| seed randomizer | |`READ`| read `DATA` | |`REM`| comment | |`REMOVE`| remove data from array | |`RENAME`| rename file | |`REPEAT`| start of `REPEAT`/`UNTIL` loop | |`RESIZE`| resize array | |`RESTORE`| set `DATA` read position | |`RESULT`| get result of LOAD/DIALOG/etc. | |`RETURN`| return from function/GOSUB | |`RGB`| convert between color and separate RGB channels (0-255) | |`RGBF`| convert between color and separate RGB channels (0-1) | |`RIGHT$`| get characters from end of string | |`RINGCOPY`| copy data to(?) ringbuffer | |`RND`| get random integer | |`RNDF`| get random number from 0-1 | |`ROUND`| round number to nearest | |`RSORT`| sort an array from largest to smallest | |`SAVE`| save slot | |`SAVEG`| save graphics | |`SAVEV`| save string/array | |`SCROLL`| shift data in text screen | |`SGN`| get sign of number | |`SHIFT`| remove item from beginning of string/array | |`SIN`| sine | |`SINH`| hyperbolic sine | |`SNDMSBAL`| set subprogram sound balance | |`SNDMVOL`| set master sound volume | |`SNDSTOP`| stop all sounds | |`SORT`| sort array from smallest to largest | |`SPANIM`| start sprite animation | |`SPCHK`| check sprite animation status | |`SPCHR`| set sprite to definition | |`SPCLR`| delete sprite | |`SPCOL`| set sprite collision settings | |`SPCOLOR`| set sprite color | |`SPCOLVEC`| set sprite collision vector | |`SPDEF`| define sprite definition | |`SPFUNC`| set sprite callback function | |`SPHIDE`| hide sprite | |`SPHITINFO`| get collision information | |`SPHITRC`| check collision between sprite and rectangle | |`SPHITSP`| check collision between sprites | |`SPHOME`| set sprite origin | |`SPLAYER`| set sprite layer | |`SPLINK`| link sprites | |`SPOFS`| set sprite position | |`SPPAGE`| set sprite graphics page | |`SPROT`| set sprite rotation | |`SPSCALE`| set sprite scale | |`SPSET`| create sprite | |`SPSHOW`| unhide sprite | |`SPSTART`| unpause sprite animation | |`SPSTOP`| pause sprite animation | |`SPUNLINK`| unlink sprites | |`SPUSED`| check if sprite exists | |`SPVAR`| get/set sprite variable | |`SQR`| square root | |`STICK`| get analog stick position | |`STOP`| stop program | |`STR$`| convert number to decimal string | |`SUBST$`| replace part of string | |`SWAP`| swap the values of 2 variables | |`SYSPARAM`| get system parameter | |`TALK`| speech synthesis | |`TALKCHK`| check talk status | |`TALKSTOP`| stop speech synthesis | |`TAN`|tangent | |`TANH`| hyperbolic tangent | |`TANIM`| start text screen animation | |`TARRAY`| get text screen data array | |`TBLEND`| | |`TCBIKE`| | |`TCFISHING`| | |`TCHK`| | |`TCHOUSE`| | |`TCOLOR`| | |`TCOPY`| | |`TCPIANO`| | |`TCROBOT`| | |`TCVISOR`| | |`TFILL`| fill region of text screen | |`TFUNC`| set text screen callback function | |`THEN`| if/then | |`THIDE`| hide text screen | |`THOME`| set text screen origin | |`TIME$`| get current time | |`TLAYER`| set text screen layer | |`TLOAD`| load data from text screen to array | |`TMREAD`| decode time string | |`TOFS`| set text screen position | |`TOUCH`| read touch screen data | |`TPAGE`| set text screen graphics page | |`TPRINT`| print to text screen | |`TPUT`| set tile on text screen | |`TROT`| set text screen rotation | |`TSAVE`| copy data from text screen to array | |`TSCALE`| set text screen scale | |`TSCREEN`| set text screen size | |`TSHOW`| unhide text screen | |`TSTART`| unpause text screen animation | |`TSTOP`| pause text screen animation | |`TUPDATE`| update text screen after modifying TARRAY | |`TVAR`| get/set text screen variable | |`TYPEOF`| get type of value | |`UIMASK`| | |`UIPUSHCMPL`| | |`UISTATE`| | |`UNSHIFT`| insert item at start of string/array | |`UNTIL`| end of REPEAT loop | |`VAL`| convert string to number | |`VAR`| create variable, get variable from name | |`VIBRATE`| set joycon vibration settings | |`VSYNC`| wait for start of frame | |`WAIT`| delay | |`WAVSET`| define custom instrument from string | |`WAVSETA`| define custom instrument from array | |`WEND`| end of WHILE loop | |`WHEN`| condition in CASE block | |`WHILE`| WHILE/WEND loop | |`XCTRLSTYLE`| | |`XSCREEN`| set screen resolution | |`XSUBSCREEN`| |

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