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Find the index of a value within an array. * Syntax ```sbsyntax FIND array[], value OUT index0% {, index1% {, index2% {, index3% }}} index0% = FIND(array[], value) ``` |* Input | Description | | `array[]` | The array to search. | | `value` | The value to find. | |* Output | Description | | `index0%` |#rs=4 The index (or indices) of the first occurrence of `value`. If `value` is not found, -1. | | `index1%` | | `index2%` | | `index3%` | The number of return values must correspond to the number of dimensions in `array[]`; `index0%` corresponds to the first index, `index1%` the second, etc. Altogether these values tell you the location of the first occurrence of `value` within `array[]`. If `value` is not found, then all index values will be -1. Note that, since all arrays can be indexed as though they are 1D, all arrays can be used with the single-return form of `FIND`. The returned index (`index0%` in this case) will simply be the 1D index of `value`. Also note that this function can only ever find the *first* occurrence of `value` because you cannot specify a starting index. * Examples ```sb4 DIM ARY[]=[3,6,1,4,2,5,7,0,9,8] PRINT FIND(ARY,4) '3 ``` ```sb4 DIM ARY[3,3]=\ [1,2,3,\ 4,5,6,\ 7,8,9] FIND 4 OUT Y,X PRINT X,Y '0 1 PRINT FIND(4) '3 ```

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