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Fill all of part of an array with the same value. * Syntax ```sb4 FILL array[], value {, start% {, length% }} ``` |* Input | Description | | `array[]` | The array to fill. | | `value` | The value to fill with. | | `start%` | The index of the first value to fill. \ Optional, default 0. | | `length%` | The number of elements to fill. \ Optional, default `LEN(array[])-start%`. | The type of `value` must be compatible with the type of `array[]` `FILL` uses linear indexing for all arrays. There is no built-in function for filling multi-dimensional regions of arrays. * Examples ```sb4 'fill the entire array DIM ARRAY%[10] FILL ARRAY%,100 ``` ```sb4 'fill a part of an array DIM ARRAY#[30] FILL ARRAY#,1.5,5,10 ``` ```sb4 '2D filling example 'fill from 1,0 to 2,9 DIM ARRAY%[4,10] FILL ARRAY%,6,10,20 ```

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