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The `END` keyword has two meanings based on context: ending the program and ending a function body. * End of Program If an `END` statement on its own is used, the program ends ```sb4 PRINT "Will see this" END PRINT "Won't see this" ``` The program ends automatically when the end of the code is reached, so `END` is not always necessary. * End of Function `END` is also used to end a function definition. ```sb4 DEF MYFUNC PRINT "HELLO" END '<-- end of function ``` Note that this means `END` cannot be used inside of a function to end the program. In some situations this can result in a `Syntax error`. ```sb4 DEF KILL PRINT "The program is now over!!!!" END '<-- BASIC thinks the function ends here END '<-- BASIC thinks the program ends here ``` If you *must* end the program from within a function, you will have to use `STOP`.

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