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Play a sound effect. A sound effect handle can be returned to control individual sound effects after they start playing. * Syntax ```sb4 BEEP soundID%, pitch%, volume%, pan% handle% = BEEP(soundID%, pitch%, volume%, pan%) BEEP soundID%, pitch%, volume%, pan% OUT handle% ``` |* Input | Description | | `soundID%` | Sound sample number to play. Default 0. See sample number table. | | `pitch%` | Adjusts the pitch of the sound effect. -32768 to 32767.\ 100 = one semitone. Default 0 (no change.) | | `volume%` | Volume of the sound effect. 0 to 127. Default 64. | | `pan%` | Stereo pan of the sound effect. 0 (far left) to 127 (far right.) Default 64 (center.) | |* Output | Description | | `handle%` | A handle number used to change sound effect properties while playing. 0 to 15. Optional. | `BEEP` plays sound samples (either built-in or user-programmed) as a single sound effect. All parameters to `BEEP` are optional, including the `handle%` return value, and all inputs can be left empty. If an input is empty or not specified its default value is used. This allows `BEEP` to be used very flexibly. Up to 16 sound effects can play simultaneously. The `handle%` returned can be passed to functions such as `BEEPPAN` to change the sound properties after play has started. For long sound effects, you could use this to create interesting effects (left-right panning, warbling pitch, etc.) * Examples ```sb4 'play the default beep sound BEEP ``` ```sb4 'play an error sound BEEP 2 ``` ```sb4 'play a sound at a lower pitch BEEP 2,-2000 ``` ```sb4 'play a sound at a low volume BEEP 2,,16 ``` ```sb4 'pan a sound effect right BEEP 2,,,127 ``` ```sb4 'use all sound properties BEEP 2,-2000,16,127 ``` ```sb4 'use a BEEP handle VAR HANDLE%=BEEP(14) BEEPPIT HANDLE%,-2000 BEEPVOL HANDLE%,16 BEEPPAN HANDLE%,127 WAIT 5 BEEPSTOP HANDLE% ```

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