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Completely clear and reset the display state. * Syntax ```sbsyntax ACLS { keepGRP%, keepSPDEF%, keepFont% {, keepANIMDEF% }} ``` |* Input | Description | |`keepGRP%`|Optional; default false. If false, all graphics pages (except the font page) will be cleared, and the default sprite sheet will be loaded on page 4| |`keepSPDEF%`|Optional; default false. If false, the default sprite template definitions will be loaded.| |`keepFont%`|Optional; default false. If false, the default font will be loaded to page 5| |`keepANIMDEF%`|Optional; default false. If false, sprite animation definitions will be cleared| * Examples ```sb4 'completely reset the display ACLS ``` ```sb4 'reset screen while keeping all resources (fast!) ACLS #TRUE, #TRUE, #TRUE, #TRUE ``` * Notes ** Equivalent Program SmileBoom lists the following program as being equivalent to `ACLS`. {#spoiler=code ```sb4 'ACLS works almost the same as the following program DEF ACLS KEEPGRP,KEEPSPDEF,KEEPGRPF VAR SCW=400,SCH=240 XSCREEN SCW,SCH,2 SPCLR BACKCOLOR &HFF000000 FOR I=0 TO 3 TSCREEN I,16,16:TPAGE I,4,1024,0 TLAYER I,0:TOFS I,0,0,0:ATTR I,0 COLOR I,#C_WHITE:CLS I NEXT TSCREEN #TCONSOLE,16,8:TPAGE #CONSOLE,4,1024,0 TLAYER #TCONSOLE, 0:TOFS #TCONSOLE,0,0,-4095:ATTR 0 COLOR #C_WHITE:CLS IF !KEEPGRP THEN FOR I=0 TO 5:GTARGET I:GCLS:NEXT LOADG "GRP:#SYS/DEFGRP",4 ENDIF IF !KEEPGRPF THEN LOADG "GRP:#SYS/DEFFONT",#GRPF ENDIF GTARGET 0 GCOLOR #C_WHITE GCLIP 0,0,#GRPWIDTH-1,#GRPHEIGHT-1 SPSET #GSPRITE,0,0,SCW,SCH,0,1 SPPAGE #GSPRITE,0 SPLAYER #GSPRITE,0 SPOFS #GSPRITE,0,0,4095 IF !KEEPSPDEF THEN SPDEF ENDIF ANIMDEF FOR I=0 TO 7:LAYER I:LFILTER I:LCLIP I:LMATRIX I:NEXT FADE 0 END ```} ** Using Keep Flags The keep flags can be used in situations where you need to completely reset the display, without erasing currently loaded GRPs, sprite templates, etc. This could be used in games where a scene transition is needed, for example. An additional benefit to these flags is to improve start speed of a program. Normal `ACLS` is slow because the initial settings must be loaded from files. The default GRPs are the greatest contributor to the slowdown. In some situations it can be appropriate to use the keep flags and do manual resetting of certain properties to improve the startup time of your program. |*Command|Description |Time (sec.)| | `ACLS 0,0,0` |clear all|0.24| | `ACLS 1,0,0` |don't clear GRPs|0.10| | `ACLS 0,0,1` |don't clear font |0.15| | `ACLS 1,0,1` |keep font+GRPs|0.02| * See Also - `XSCREEN` - `CLS` - `GCLS`

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