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Change the size of a sprite. # Syntax ```sbsyntax SPSCALE id, scale {, time} ``` |Input|Description|[#] |id|Sprite id| |scale|New sprite scale, as a percentage| |time|Time to change to new scale, in frames| Changes the scale of sprite `id` to the given size `scale`. This scales up the sprite based on the `SPHOME` position. If `time` is provided, the sprite's scale changes smoothly from the old scale to the new scale `scale`. # Examples ```sb 'Create sprite (star) SPSET 0,156,3,0,0,0 'Scale star to 50% SPSCALE 0,50 ``` ```sb 'Create sprite (star) SPSET 0,156,3,0,0,0 'Scale to 200% over 60 frames (1 second) SPSCALE 0,200,60 ``` # Notes `id` and `time` are rounded down. `scale` accepts decimal values, as long as they are within the normal range of [0,200]. These values will scale the sprite appropriately. If a sprite is being scaled over time and the scaling is interrupted by another interpolated `SPSCALE`, the starting scale is the currently interpolated position. # Errors |Action|Error|[#] |Fewer than two arguments are passed|Missing operand| |More than three arguments are passed|Syntax error| |A string argument is passed|Type Mismatch| |A value less than zero or greater than 31 is passed for `id`|Out of range| |`id` does not correspond to an active sprite|Illegal function call| |A value less than zero or greater than 200 is passed for `scale`|Out of range| |A value less than zero is passed for `time`|Out of range| # See Also - sbs:page/docs-ptc-sprite[Sprite overview] - sbs:page/docs-ptc-sphome{`SPHOME`} - sbs:page/docs-ptc-spread{`SPREAD`}

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