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Print a string to the screen. * Syntax ```sbsyntax PRINT {number, ...} PRINT {string$, ...} PRINT {number; ...} PRINT {string$; ...} ``` |* Input | Description | | `number` | A numeric variable or literal | | `string$` | A string variable or literal | All arguments are optional; you can specify as many or as few as you want, including no argument, which just prints a newline. `PRINT` has no limit on the number of arguments beyond the maximum line length. `?` can also be used in place of `PRINT` - all behavior is the same. You can print multiple values with one `PRINT` statement using the comma or semicolon. The comma will insert `TABSTEP` spaces before the next argument, whereas the semicolon instead keeps the current position to start printing the next value. By default, `PRINT` will print a newline after whatever values you print. This can be prevented by adding a comma or semicolon with no following argument. If adding a newline would cause the cursor to go off the screen, the console is instead scrolled. * Examples ```sb 'prints the number 5 PRINT 5 ``` ```sb 'prints the string "Hello!" PRINT "Hello!" ``` ```sb 'prints the number 5 followed by a tab, then 6 X=5 Y=6 PRINT X,Y ``` ```sb 'prints the string "Score:" immediately followed by 800 SCORE=800 PRINT "Score:";SCORE ``` * Notes `PRINT` is a very flexible command. It can be modified by `COLOR`, `LOCATE`, and `TABSTEP`. The current location of the text cursor can be read using the `CSRX` and `CSRY` system variables. One possibly-unintended feature of `PRINT` is that the semicolon can actually be omitted if printing text with no space between. ```sb ' the following is valid code V=5 T$="WORLD" PRINT V"HELLO"876T$ ``` `PRINT` cannot print an entire array. Attempting to do so prints the value of the variable of the same name. `PRINT` does not allow instructions to follow it on the same line without a `:`. Attempting to do so causes a `Syntax error`. * Errors |*Action|Error| |Providing a command directly after PRINT without a ":" or newline (including comments via ')|Syntax error*| |Providing an invalid expression | Syntax error*| \*While these actions will cause an error, the `PRINT` statement before or previous valid expressions will still be printed. For example, ```sb ' prints 123456, then causes an error PRINT 123 456 '789 ``` Note that the valid arguments are still printed before the error is thrown. This is unlike many other commands that fail entirely when this happens - one other exception is `LOCATE`. * See Also - Console overview - `LOCATE` - `CLS` - `CHKCHR`

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