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Place a tile on a background layer. # Syntax ```sbsyntax BGPUT layer, x, y, chr, pal, h, v BGPUT layer, x, y, tile BGPUT layer, x, y, tile$ ``` | Input | Description |[#] |`layer`| Layer to write tile to. 0 is the foreground, 1 is the background. | |`x`| x-coordinate of tile to write | |`y`| y-coordinate of tile to write | |`chr`| Character id of tile | |`pal`| Color palette of tile | |`h`| Flips tile horizontally if set | |`v`| Flips tile vertically if set | |`tile`| Combined tile data as number | |`tile$`| Combined tile data as hex string | Writes a tile to the specified background layer `layer` at coordinates `x`,`y`. The tile's data can be specified as components or as combined data - see \link[sbs/page:docs-ptc-background]{the overview} for more info # Examples ```sb CHR=214 'upper left of plant tiles PAL=8 'palette 8 (brown and green) 'Draws a 16x16 plant using 8x8 BG tiles on the background layer BGPUT 1,15,7,CHR,PAL,0,0 BGPUT 1,16,7,CHR+1,PAL,0,0 BGPUT 1,15,8,CHR+32,PAL,0,0 BGPUT 1,16,8,CHR+33,PAL,0,0 ``` ```sb 'Draws many background tiles to the foreground layer PAL=9*4096 'palette 9 (darker brown and green) FOR I=0 TO 31 FOR J=0 TO 7 BGPUT 0,I,J,I+32*J+PAL NEXT NEXT 'Note that if you run this after the first example, 'the background layer's tiles are hidden behind 'the foreground layer's tiles. ``` ```sb 'Draws a 24x8 platform using three different BG tiles 'Note that "1AC" is the combined character ID and h/v 'and "7" is the palette. Here, h and v are both zero. BGPUT 0,20,10,"71AC" BGPUT 0,20,10,"71AD" BGPUT 0,20,10,"71AE" ``` # Notes All numeric arguments are rounded down. If `tile` is greater than 65535 (2^16-1), only the lower 16 bits are used. This is equivalent to `tile AND &HFFFF` or `tile % 65536` If `x` or `y` are greater than 63, only the lower six bits are used. This is equivalent to `x AND &H3F` or `x % 64`, and similar for `y`. You can not omit the `h` or `v` arguments while having separate `chr` and `pal` arguments. You must specify either all separate arguments or one combined argument. However, you can use the combined form to just specify `chr`, which will treat `pal`,`h`, and `v` as zero. ```sb 'The following are equivalent BGPUT 0,0,0,123 BGPUT 0,0,0,123,0,0,0 'You aren't allowed to do this, though: 'BGPUT 0,0,0,123,0 ``` # Errors |Action | Error|[#] |Zero to three arguments are specified | Missing operand | |Five to six arguments are specified | Missing operand | |Eight or more arguments are specified | Syntax error | |A value not 0 or 1 is passed for `layer` | Out of range | |A value not in range of 0 to 1023 is used for `chr` | Out of range | |A value not 0 or 1 is used for `h` or `v` | Out of range | |A value not in range of 0 to 15 is used for `pal` | Out of range | |A string value is passed in place of a numeric argument | Type Mismatch | |A string that isn't exactly four hex digits is used for `tile$` | Illegal function call | # See Also - sbs:page/docs-ptc-background[Background overview] - sbs:page/docs-ptc-bgclr{`BGCLR`} - sbs:page/docs-ptc-bgread{`BGREAD`}

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