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... Oh hey... You... You say what? Think again! I don't think so. Don't comment!!1 I did anyway... Who cares?
I did something... (...)• The browser has been fully renewed and it's a bit better than its original. What? You threw my idea off... How dare you! • The missing languages which we sorted in the code are now in the settings¹ but unchoosable. (Someone translate if they'd like.) Oh well... That's unnecessary. • The library has for now more unnecessary stuff.² Great. More stuff! • The main font has been improved slightly. Why? It was good what did you do to it!? • The bug that was in the Private beta 14³ has been fixed. You screwed with the o3DS's timing. It isn't that fast than y'think! Well, I think you're right. But when I coded it in, it didn't mess up. ¹ Configurations ⇒ Region & Language settings ⇒ Language Some 3DS-ish path. Just what I needed. ² These unnecessaries include DEFs for button graphics and variable stuff. Okay. I think it might come in handy later in development. ³ Yes, folks. As stated in the CHANGELOG's FAQ section, we also release betas privately. It turns out it's the 14th there but the 6th as the Public beta. We release like 4-5 private betas until we release public ones.
...It's your 1st post here and the 100th in this thread. lol And I'll upload the 6th public beta soon. Why not? ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED - Hidden appearance in SBS forums EDIT: Illegal Instruction in $DEADA55

Could you update us on the progress of Win3DS 0.3.3? What can we expect in Public Beta 7?

Could you update us on the progress of Win3DS 0.3.3? What can we expect in Public Beta 7?
У меня есть вопрос!Oh no...
It's the 6th public beta that'll be released. Right now, I've done this more:
... - Improved the way how Win3DS interacts with XCMD.LIB (I'll use EXEC instead of USE. This has tons of
Advantages I have globals variables in the lib that'll be used by the customs.
) - Speaking of, it now also checks the SB version rather than Windows 3DS itself only. - I am working on a online help for these commands.
- W.I.P. > You'll be able to write a custom boot screen for Windows 3DS. A program for it will be provided by HTV09.
And that what I put in the spoiler on my last post.

A question: Should we remove the 192 RGB channel limit?
What the heck are you actually talkin' about? When changing the theme color, you can only get each RGB part up to 192 to prevent the text from fading away in a bright color. (And programming it, so it changes the text color when a bright color is used, is complicated. Also, black on yellow? NOOOO!)
F.e. Alpha OS (yes, even earlier versions like V3 and V4) don't have this limit. It lets you change it to White and therefore "having" no text on the windows.


Yes. I just never meant to delete them

A copy of version V4 exists on PetitWiki. V3? IDK.

Hey, weird news! I decided to finally replace Windows 3DS ver. 0.3.1 with Windows6Mix ver. 0.3.3 beta 6.
The new beta version will be delayed.

Hey, weird news! I decided to finally replace Windows 3DS ver. 0.3.1 with Windows6Mix ver. 0.3.3 beta 6.
The old 0.3.1 kinda gets old. We see, what V0.3.3 is (gonna) offer(ing).

New addition upcoming You'll have the option that Windows 3DS changes the theme color based on the season. In December the theme color lookes like this. Another addition This is available already on the official page but I'd like to mention: If an error occures during the setup, it won't just crash out but rather shows an error message and then exits after a button press.

Okay, the results! My Silverfont will be updated using the old font's style. "I don't know what I'm gonna choose..." doesn't count.

When is Public Beta 7 Coming?

When is Public Beta 7 Coming?

When is Public Beta 6 Coming?
Well, yes. Between the 1st and the 3rd January.
What¿I am currently testing out stuff and this might take a while.
...I also need to get 10000VR in MK7.
EDIT: Corrected your post

Well, I think we did some mistakes, yet again!
What did go wrong this time¿ We said, XCMD.LIB would be interacted with by Win3DS using EXEC rather than USE. Well, the modifications on the library now REQUIRES EVERY program to use EXEC if the program wants it. We forgot substituting every USE with EXEC in all programs. These ones will crash Windows 3DS if run. You should replace them yourself if needed but we´ll fix this is the new beta.
We apologize for that. A big fat sorry. (Plz don´t kill us.)

excuse me CyberYoshi64 i am a huge fan of windows oses and i tried download Windows 3DS in smile basic with public key Q3HEXXJ3 and the download failed and when i tried the latest beta it got halfway downloaded before it crashed so please release a new fresh public key soon with beta/stable files all there so that way i can try this stuff out i seen the screenshots and i am mind blown! i really wish to download this and play around with it until my R4#DS card comes in the mail this week... if you can THANKS and may God Bless you!

Hello, NinGam955001! CyberYoshi64 is currently not available! But I´m the 2nd developer so I think I can take his place temporarily. His comment under your reply on the official page is in fact true. I'll try my best to assign the project a new key though I think it's the fault of some 3rd party stuff making things worse.

When I start up the new beta, the DRM Warning screen appears after the Old 3DS Warning. Even though I have all the files.

It is all because of the DRM looking for if it is in a project called 'WIN3DS', not 'WINDOWS6MIX' I recommend replacing this part of line 3931
That way, the DRM looks for 'WINDOWS6MIX' instead of 'WIN3DS'.

And also, I noticed that when the Start Button and Time/Date reloads, they flicker, then return to normal a second or 2 after.