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BBCode Testing (for new website)

Root / General / [.]

I need to see what the bbcode parser here does so I can closely replicate it on the new one. So what happens if I: Don't close a tag Have the same unclosed tag
    make weird lists
  • Item 1
  • Item 2

looks like the current engine tracks all the unclosed tags and dumps them at the end. hmmm ok. is the current one actually really dumb? if it is, I could replicate it myself. [b] this trick... does this imply anything? I'll need a fresh post for the next test

what about lots of random closing and opening tags . the above is: what about (bclose) lots of (iclose) random (iopen) closing and opening tags (bclose)

So it removes erroneous closing tags, and dumbly replaces opening tags with what they need. what about close/open outside the scope? this is bold this is italic the bold tag ended the italic tag ended

OK so it's not purely dumb. It auto-closes tags that are in the scope. Hmmm gosh ok my implementation won't be perfect but I'll try

are spaces allowed? [ b ] bold [ / b ] [i ]italic (only one space)

It appears that the present engine keeps track of all the open tags and empties them at the conclusion. Oh, okay. Is the present one really that stupid? If it is, I could make a copy of it.

I've already reimplemented it. And I don't know what you're doing with the random banking links in your post but I'll assume it was a mistake.