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This game is about luck, it's similiar to russian roulette if you know what it is. You'll die or you'll live. NEVER TRY THIS IN REAL LIFE and share your highest survivals in the comments Changelog 0.1 - Initial release 0.2 -Added options -Added saving (manual, automatic) -Added high-score system 0.22 -Fixed bug where you couldn't loose 0.26 -Added intro -Added Flashing "PRESS ANY BUTTON TO CONTINUE" text on title -Save buttons now react only if you tap on them


GAME It's really easy to play, you'll understand it in no time OPTIONS Tap the white square to save or activate automatic saving


TO DO LIST -Saving (√) -Shop -Blood/Brutal Mode (?) -Different Characters -Different Guns -Better Logo -Better Sprites (?) -Multiplayer (?) -Better Gameplay (?) -Animations (×) ? - I'm not sure if i'll add this feature √ - Done × - It's not going to be added because something is preventing from me doing it... BUT there is a small chance that i'll add it Extra Info Firstly i wanted to make something less 'violent' but i lack the programming skills to make a platformer or so Polls [poll=p207][/poll]

Maybe not... 2edgy4mekiddo

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Maybe not... 2edgy4mekiddo
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