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Hi! SmileBASIC 3 is the version that introduced me into programming on my g'old 2DS. This site was also a contributing factor, for which I just have to say "Thank you all". I've had fun memories coding minor projects, unexpectedly start an OS war with other members, failing to make an actual game over and over again but making a decent mock OS so far. I want to contribute to SmileBASIC 3 not seem dead by supplying unofficial patches and features to it; especially as the eShop closure for 3DS/WiiU is roaming around the corner. Even if SmileBoom already can't push updates to it anymore. Anyway... I'm drifting off. Introducing CYX: SmileBASIC eXtensions! It can be found here. The readme there goes further into detail about it. Just to make it clear: You need custom firmware on your 3DS to make use of plugins. But I recommend hacking it; there's more things to it, such as allowing us to easily use trinitro21's replacement server without any "code.ips" shenanigans. I hope, when I get to finish the disassembly that I can make sophisticated patches and maybe get so far as to making a decompilation, but that will likely only remain a dream of mine. :P

It's amazing. Is a haked 3DS needed to use?

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It's amazing. Is a haked 3DS needed to use?
Yes, you need a hacked 3DS with Luma 3DS installed. (though following this guide will install it anyway, as it's pretty much the standard) You also need "Enable game patching" ticked in Luma Config in order to apply the patches

I am reworking this project into a Luma3DS plugin, so it`s going to be easy to deal with the romfs, as it will redirect everything to the SD, same with the config and the project files, so FBI and SBFM somewhat get obsoleted for my mod. Progress, as of 22/11/10, is rough understanding of variables and a partial disassembly of the EUR 3.6.0 version, ready to be documented and experimented on.