2017 Winter Pictures Thread

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Woah, remember this? Here's the deal: you want that sweet winter drawing to ruin your avatar badge streak get into the spirit of the season? Hand me over a picture of a character to use and I'll get down to it! It's been a good 2 years since I've done this, and it's gonna be a bit different this time. Instead of just badly editing coats and hats onto your pre-existing pictures, I'm going to be working from the ground up on a new drawing of the character. I'll let this go on until the 10th (1 week from now). Get to it! ___________________________________________________________________________ ---EDIT 1--- MisterWR3CK0R

Get to it boi

crash bandicoot lel


---EDIT 1--- MisterWR3CK0R Man, you could tell that you put a lot of work into it!

---EDIT 1--- MisterWR3CK0R
Sweet! I'll change it in a few days when I get the last avatar badge

I wonder if people remember me

please i have zero skill to pay my electric bill

I guess this thread is dead