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PTC to SB GRP Converter

Ever needed to convert a GRP from PTC to a GRP in SB? Probably not; but just in case, here's a tool that does just that! PTCGRPConv is a command-line utility for converting a PTC-format GRP file into a SB-format GRP file. The generated file (with headers) can then be transferred with a utility of your choice to SmileBASIC.


  1. Cross-platform: Runs anywhere with an installed C#/.NET 4.5.1 runtime.
  2. Supports COL files for GRPs that require custom palettes (default palette already included and need not be specified!)
  3. Fast and (relatively) easy to use


  1. Check if your C# runtime is installed/up to date:
    1. For Windows: Be sure at least .NET Framework 4.5.1 is installed.
    2. For Linux: Install and update the complete Mono runtime package for your distribution.
    3. For Mac: I honestly have no idea.
  2. Download the PTCGRPConv package:
    1. Download here
  3. Extract the ZIP file


How to run

For Windows, open a Command Prompt and navigate to the PTCGRPConv folder. Be sure the files you wish to use for conversion are in the same folder. Then, run the following command: ptcgrpconv.exe args... args... is the argument list, which is explained below. For Linux, the process is much the same. However, the command is different. mono ptcgrpconv.exe args...


In its simplest form, the command accepts two arguments. The first is the source GRP you want to convert, and the second is the output file. The output file need not exist; it is created automatically if it doesn't. Use this form if the GRP doesn't require a custom palette. ptcgrpconv.exe ingrp outgrp If the GRP requires a custom palette, then pass the palette option like so: ptcgrpconv.exe -palette incol ingrp outgrp The incol argument is a PTC COL file.
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