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Even More Perfectly Filled Circles

DEF GDISK X,Y,RADIUS,COL IF RADIUS<1 THEN GPSET X,Y,COL:RETURN '(GCIRCLE draws nothing if the radius is 0) 'get the point on the graphics layer that is closest to the center of the circle VAR PX=MIN(MAX(X,0),512-1) VAR PY=MIN(MAX(Y,0),512-1) 'if the distance from the center of the circle to the closest onscreen point is 'larger than the radius, then the circle is completely offscreen VAR DX=PX-X VAR DY=PY-Y IF DX*DX+DY*DY > RADIUS*RADIUS THEN RETURN 'traditional filled circle code GCIRCLE X,Y,RADIUS,8 GPAINT PX,PY,COL,8 GCIRCLE X,Y,RADIUS,COL END
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