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Super bomber blast (demo)

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Description A demo of Super bomber blast The answer to all bomberman fan's prayers. Instructions 1. Start up 2. Play 3.Have fun Controls battle mode D-pad to move X to pause and unpause A to place bomb Controls minigame Circle Pad - Move X/B - Look up/down L/R - Strafe A - Throw bomb D-Pad - Zoom map Pls if anybody finds a bug pls report it to me Notes All credits are in game Warning ⚠ there is a bug in battle mode with collision 💥 Updated : Grammar renamed classic to battle Bug where the bomb would take 4 times longer to explode if you would walk Credits Battle mode colision Added : Touch support Story test level plus a bit of the intro + a lil more not done intro plus new game to story More (crap quality screenshots) Ability to die in battle mode + softblocks timer for battle mode Alt costumes for yellow green white and blue bomber NEW minigame
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87 Comment(s) BraveChampion48 BraveChampion48 Beginner Programmer I'm just starting out! I'm still trying to grasp the basics. Programming Strength Minecraft Is Awesome! I love Minecraft! Express Yourself Video Games I like to play video games! Hobbies This game seems cute and funny! Pink bomber is actually Pretty Bomber. The voice you did for Pretty Bomber is a perfect fit! The Black Bomber got me laughing because of how cute he is and how he chases me! In other words, you did great on the random level generator over the 3 levels. Finding a coin is cool to do. What I like to do to complete the level is to have Pretty Bomber follow me while I find the both the coin and the exit. The touch screen shows the map, in which White Bomber appears on the map. There are 3 levels, and it feels like an arcade game. I love it! Thanks for this awesome project! :D 1 2 3 4