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R-OS V, The Best OS in SBS

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R-OS V 1.1 (R-OS 5.1)
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Description The latest in Mock OS Tech! R-OS V takes the spotlight with its Mac OS like interface called Rounder, R-OS V used to be called R-OS Super Saturn X (SSX) but it was changed to R-OS V. Instructions

R-OS V Documentation

Chapter 1: Basic Stuff To unpack, Just run the included Setup file When you first turn on R-OS, you will see the First boot screen, this is where the OS will save needed files. Accept all dialogs and R-OS will go straight to the Startup Screen, Saving you a century worth of waiting. Then you will see the Desktop, to open an app, open the RGames Menu (Top Left corner) and select apps. This will show a list of Built-in apps. Draw, Calc, RTML, and more are here. Chapter 2: The Dock and Icons On the Desktop, there are 3 icons, all of them are empty, to assign an app to one, press R on an app in the apps menu and select an Icon. Then a file will save containing the Icon Data, accept it then you will be transported to the Desktop and you will see that a Icon has changed from holding Nothing to holding a App Shortcut. A Similar thing can be done with the Dock, just press L in the apps menu then POOF! The app is pinned to the dock. When you shut down the OS (The Power Option), R-OS V will save 2 files, DOCK.D holds Dock data while DESKTOP.D holds Icon locations. To move an icon, press Y over one and move it around! And now, You can reset an icon by pressing X while hovering over one. Chapter 3: Developing Apps There is an option in the Apps menu to show .TEXE files, .TEXE files are R-OS V apps, now to install a app, type in NEW, a .PKDA file is a Packaged app. When developing a R-OS V app, keep in mind that the app will run in PRG1. After developing your app, make sure that the starter file ends with .TEXE, then package the app as a .PKDA file. Also keep in mind, keep the apps clean, we dont want anything bad in the R-OS community... Chapter 4: Updating R-OS R-OS V has an update feature, to update, find a Official R-OS V update, then copy the .UPD file to your R-OS V project, .UPD files are R-OS V updates, then go to the Updater app (Update) and start the update. Chapter 5: Smaller things The TextEdit window can now be moved! Just hold R while over the headline! You can open the debug menu by holding L during Bootup! Chapter 6: Thanks! This chapter will have Q&A's later on but for now, Thanks for Downloading R-OS V!
Notes For the list of updates, open Changelog in the SB Editor. RCode has been readded! RCode is now an original Program!
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