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Solid Gunner: JTH (Full Name Pending) BGM: 02

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Description This is one of the BGM that will be in my Solid Gunner fangame. There’s no definite name for my fangame yet, and it may change later on. The reason why this BGM sounds very similar to the first level of Solid Gunner is because of the way levels in the game work. Basically, there’s two phases (sections) per level. Phase 1’s music for this level will be the original level 1 music of Solid Gunner, and Phase 2’s music will be this. Think of it like Sonic 3’s Act 1 and Act 2, where they each have different (but similar) music and level design (and sometimes even palettes). It’ll kind of be like that in the game. Each level will have its own name, by the way. I’ll have more content from this game soon, all leading up to the final product. Instructions Open the program and the BGM will play automatically. Notes It’s been quite a while since I’ve been on this website, but I promise, I’ve been working on things behind the scenes. I’ve just been busy with other things, and I wasn’t really able to post here, but I’ll be more active on the site now that I’m actively working on some SmileBASIC projects, one of which I’ll be releasing very soon. Stay tuned for more!
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1 Comment(s) the_squat1115 the_squat1115 Minecraft Is Awesome! I love Minecraft! Express Yourself Intermediate Programmer I can make programs, but I still have trouble here and there. Programming Strength Video Games I like to play video games! Hobbies Oh, good. This BGM is cool