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RGames Mouse Systems 2

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Description The sequel to RGames Mouse Systems is here! This time however, its a Library! There are lots of commands, MOUSEINIT, MOUSE, MOUSEHIT, ADDWIN, ADDDIALOG and MENU. This also includes a Example Program and an Archived Version of the Original Mouse Systems (In case you don't like R-MS 2). Mouse Pointers made Friendly. Instructions To include this Library, copy the code from RMS2.LIB to your Program. There are instructions on how to use the Commands in the code. The reason why you have to copy the code to your program is when you load the library in another Program Slot, it gives an error. If you can tell me why, I will fix the bug in 2.1, I think its a missing COMMON command, but its already uploaded so why not just fix it in the next update.
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