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📣 [Help Wanted] SmileBASIC Documentation Project

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  • #41 ✎ 486 chicken
    I don't know how to code with BASIC, so I don't know how to help. @[email protected]
    If you can sprite, you can help with sprite documentation. The same with sound
    I don't know how to program, and I need to learn how to program.
    I said "help with" not "do". If it was do knowledge of how to use the sprite comnands would be required
    Ah, I understand your point now. But aren’t we using default sprites?
  • #42 ✎ 1041 Yttria consider that helping can include saying "I didn't understand this part" Posted
  • #43 ✎ 486 chicken ah i’m dumb but i really thought it had something to do specifically with sprites Posted
  • #44 ✎ 1834 12Me21 Syntax Highlighter Received for creating the code syntax highlighter on SBS Night Person I like the quiet night and sleep late. Express Yourself http://scratch.smilebasicsource.com/docs http://scratch.smilebasicsource.com/docs/preview http://scratch.smilebasicsource.com/docs/html/demo.html Posted
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