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Welcome to SmileBASIC Source!

SIM.3D - A fast 3D engine Fast 3D engine for high performance rendering.

What is SmileBASIC?

SmileBASIC is a 3DS application which lets you program in BASIC on your 3DS! It gives you the tools to create games using sprites, backgrounds, music, and sound effects. You can also upload your creations to the SmileBASIC servers so that other people can download your programs! SmileBASIC was created by SmileBoom; check out their website for more information: smilebasic.com

SmileBASIC Source is a community for discussing SmileBASIC and sharing your creations. You can browse programs and submit your own under the Submissions tab. If you need help with SmileBASIC, you might be able to find it in the forums or the chat. We hope you have fun with SmileBASIC!

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