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[Outdated] Physical Keyboard script for SmileBASIC on Citra

This script is outdated, and Yttria has taken over development. See Yttria's improved script here. This project was inspired by a script made by TheV360: SBS GitHub Because I was too scared to figure out and diagnose TheV360's code, I just made my own AHK script. (With the DoClick() function inherited from their code.) This script/program will allow you to press keys on your physical keyboard, and have the script convert them into mouse clicks on the Citra virtual touch screen. This script assumes that you are using the default Citra key layout. Specifically: Key T: Button Up Key G: Button Down Key F: Button Left Key H: Button Right Key A: Button A Key X: Button Y Every time the script is started, or the Citra screen layout is changed, the script needs to be recalibrated on the emulator's virtual touch screen. To calibrate, hold the CTRL key, left click on the top left corner of the touch screen, and then, while still holding CTRL, right click on the bottom right corner of the touch screen. That's all there is to it. This script still needs a few more features put into it. for example, holding shift+cursor keys to select text, and the clipboard controls: cut copy, and paste. Shift to change case doesn't even work yet. (Pssst, Yttria fixed this.) Most normal code typing will work though. Cursor keys: D-Pad Enter key: Button A Backspace: Button Y F1-F5 Corresponds to the five hotkeys at the top of the touch screen F6: Direct mode F7-F10: PRG Slot 0-3 Escape terminates the script. (Works only when focused on Citra) You can also terminate the script by right-clicking its "H" system tray icon and clicking "Exit" .AHK Download .EXE Download
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