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Oh wow, it's kinda crazy that people still use this SOMETIMES. Do you ever feel like this one is better, though? When I look at the layout here, it feels more user-friendly & approachable. Is that just because it's what I used for the most time? The new site was developed to be more easily changed, because this one made changes very difficult ... is that right? But, do any of y'all even still hold the motivation to really change much on it? Am I just not there enough to hear about or notice changes? Is the new site's layout actually better and I just have a bad opinion? I can't seem to figure out how to "properly" navigate the new one is at all. I don't know where to find programs beyond recent activity and user pages. Or is there perhaps just not many programs to be found and that's why I feel this way? Look at the homepage here, with all the nice fancy tabs for each main part of the site. Now look at the new site's homepage and tell me how to find each major part of the site, without already knowing it. It's nice and cool that every page is basically a chat now but is that really ideal for help-related topics? I almost feel like a forum, non-live chat, would be better. Do you ever miss PM's not requiring a new page? I don't know where I'm going with this lol I'm just curious to hear some of the developers' thoughts on if the new site really turned out beneficial. Maybe I'm just making conversation? Or do I just like making everyone's hard work seem pointless? Maybe I'm just that type of monster. (This is NOT my goal, to clarify; asking that theoretical question is just MY way of acknowledging what a cruel subject this is to question ... but I cannot resist wondering, even so).