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My SB interpreter github is set up (ClassTEST)

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But if you insist I'd really like to see some documentation on what "software replication" actually is.

Asking Reddit on /r/legaladvice, a couple responses
if it's BASIC, which is more or less an open standard, then I don't see any issue. You are essentially writing a BASIC compiler or interpreter. If you require a proprietary BIOS, then that's different territory I imagine.
In general computer languages have not been ruled to be copyrightable and that being the case, you could write your own interpreter without infringing anybody's copyrights. The current big Oracle v. Google case is about the copyrightability of Java's APIs. Oracle wants Google to pay them $9.3 billion and Google wants to pay Oracle nothing.
So I'm going to take this as confirmation that I am in fact not breaking the law, and I am going to move past this. If this is still not good enough and we're still in the grey here I'm an e-mail away from being able to consult an ip attorney about this, I just don't want the idea floating around that hosting my software may potentially be illegal. I'd like to be quite visibly on the legal side of things for a change. https://www.reddit.com/r/legaladvice/comments/4djk4n/writing_an_interpreter_im_told_this_is_software/

[EDITED 04/06/2016 @ 3:41am (UTC)] Just going to post really quick here You're unlikely to be attacked for this and if it happens it's not hard to deal with, but imo (not an attorney but have dealt with explaining this garbage over and over) you would want to just settle and back down if you are. A lot of the replies from reddit, and what appears to be your own assumptions, are that you wouldn't be infringing on anything because the BASIC family is not anyone's property. This is true. This is also not the issue. SmileBoom does own SmileBASIC and Petit Computer, and if not the language itself, definitely the software. In this case, I think it would be quite easy for SmileBoom to make a claim that the language itself is (a/the) primary component of the software and reproducing it is copying a copyrighted part of the software. A quick search turns up nothing I can see about a definition of programming languages as concepts that can't be copyrighted, and in fact the Google/Oracle case seems to be that certain parts and uses of languages are. SmileBASIC is not in the same context as the BASIC of the 80s, and I believe SmileBoom could argue for its conceptual originality that you are copying--willfully infringing, if you use the name, right(?). If they DON'T go for that, though, there's not much they could do. The points you made only really work well if you aren't intent on perfectly interpreting the language... which seems like the opposite of what you want to do here. One more note of evidence. The Japanese community has largely avoided projects like these. There is the one I shared, but even that is left uncompiled and it appears there is little interest in it. Even a development (not execution) tool (by Nakanoshima Candy Fragment) was left unshared. I'll repeat myself, though. There's probably not an issue with it, but if SmileBoom decides there is, I *believe* there's enough to go on that you'd lose a case. On that note, maybe I'll just ask what SmileBoom thinks of porting of their language to other environments.

No point dwelling on it so much, if SB sends me a C&D then I get a C&D, it's not the end of the world. I don't think I'm just flat out "Breaking the law end of story not gonna provide any sources to support my claims sorry buddy" though. Kind of surprised to hear Snail be so blunt and then just leave. Whatever, it's fine. That's enough of that.. >_> All but a few core functions are left to finish and then I can move on to graphics and input.

BEEP and sounds are now implemented, but I'm not ready to do another release just yet. I wrote a PTC program that rips default CHRs and COLs, then goes on to play every BEEP/MML and MML song to be recorded to a 40 minute long 55 MB MML.mp3 through the aux into a computer. That will be a required file to run the Interpreter (with sound) Hooray for not pushing off audio as the very last thing to be done. I like my sounds.

So if I'm understanding this correctly You are making a BASIC compiler that can translate SmileBASIC commands into another version of BASIC, meaning that (When I have a computer) I'll be able to take what I've already been learning and move it to PC where I can - Reach a larger audience - Sell my games, if I choose to do so? - Be able to do more than I can do now, without the limits of the SmileBASIC program and 3DS hardware all of which, without having to learn a new language like Java or C++

Yeah if all goes according to plan. To do those things I'll have to differentiate myself from SB enough first, that way it's just my own version of BASIC. I want to not be SmileBASIC, but be based off of it. Close enough to make ports as easy as putting a SB program into a converter. That way at least SB has something more menial to throw the book at. I'll also have to finish the project, which is just me doing it by myself. Who knows if I'm reliable enough tbh. Note though it's a really really useful skill to be fluid in multiple programming languages though, after you learn BASIC it's a good idea to learn something else.

True enough, but I should just focus on BASIC until I'm generally competent, I'm still just figuring out what Arrays can be used for and haven't even tried to do anything outside of text I'll probably be ready for something new by the time this Compiler is functional, but even then programming to me is a hobby first and job oppurtunity second (Not that I would mind getting payed if I make something worth selling)

I'll probably keep going at this once I get my ADHD meds. I'm clearly a spastic if anyone hasn't noticed yet. I'm trying to focus on a robotics project as well atm but I also want to make a ue4 game about a fat kid dancing to the beat walking down the street. It'll be a musical ballad. You know, after I started making that game about homo erotic horses smashing things in the desert and got bored of that. I'll have you know yesterday I spent 15 minutes staring at a vending machine before deciding the best possible choice I could make was to walk away from the vending machine.

Poor vending machine, it got sexually violated by eyes.... you monster jamie!

I think it liked the attention but of course I ask every vending machine for consent before progressing onto pushing its buttons.

It probably is legal, SmileBASIC is just a BASIC interpreter itself, they don't own BASIC,
This language in SmileBASIC is not just called "BASIC". The language is actually called "SmileBASIC" because it is their own version of BASIC. They own it all. And I would not be surprised if they did something against this "emulator".

*Interpreter Anyway I feel like everything that can be said has already been said. Never in history has anyone succesfully copyrighted a programming language so I am not worried, and I don't feel like talking about this anymore.

I am back, the reason this project stopped is because I was having trouble with graphics.
SpoilerNot snailfaqs, "stomping out bad ideas" or whatever he said that really irked me that one time. Obviously has no respect for or concept of preservation.
OpenGL is ridiculously complicated, I figured I'd figure it out when I got to it, but I kind of just looked at it and figured I had no idea where to go from there. My old code is really kind of badly written, and I've got this new modular game engine I've been working on in C++ (mostly following a tutorial) and I'll be merging the two together when this is far enough along. It's nice to have your own modular engine, I already know how to use this better than UE4 or Unity. I can't stand that visual node programming blueprint crap. Afterwards I might be making my own emulators. I really really want to look into making my own ps1 emulator. Actually I've been looking into making a ps1 emulator designed to enhance ps1 games, that's my end goal that I really want. It's been basically impossible to enhance ps1 games past making them HD because of how the GPU of the ps1 works. I'll be designing a ps1 emulator from the ground up to give me full control of the code. Think uncapped FPS, 3d stereoscopy, lack of "goopy shifty polygons", and VR support for ps1 games. A lot of people have told me these things are impossible but I have ideas on how to accomplish all of it using multiple partially synchronous emulations (think alternate realities with various patches applied to come up with extra frames).