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SmileBoom Acquired by SEGA

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SmileBoom announced today that they have been bought by SEGA. It seems like they'll have a few names changed around and reflect the SEGA branding in their products now, and that they have Sega devs to help them out now, so I think we'll see an increase in quality from here on. Also, seems like they'll be able to have Sega assets for their IP Catalog DLC thing too. SmileBoom also revealed that they do, in fact, have plans for other "editions" of Smile Game Builders (now called SEGA Game Builder). Read the release here: http://smileboom.com/press/20160401sega_en/index.php What do you think? It sounds like it'll be a good thing for the smaller company, but you never know how these things will turn out. They did make sure to assure that they would continue with their current software, so I guess we won't be affected that much?

This is some cool news. SEGA is a pretty big company. So I'm glad they are now working together.

I think this is fake. Well now we get Sonic on SB. Great.

I think this is fake Now we get Sonic on SB great
No, strangely, SmileBoom announces real things on April Fools. Last time they hinted at PTC BIG. Before that it was a "fake announcement" for SmileBASIC (3DS). This time they're not pretending it's a joke as much as they've done before, I guess. Could be pressure because Sega wouldn't appreciate it lol
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How much time and effort went into this?

How much time and effort went into this?
Into the acquisition? I'm guessing it couldn't have been THAT much. I know SmileBoom is a small, happy company, but maybe they wanted to remove some stress by letting a bigger company take over.

"SmileBASIC will now be renamed 'SonicBASIC'"

this sucks


Wait, now we can use SANIK! I WANT SANIK!