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Space Shooter General Thread

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What's up guys, S_D here, and today I've decided to finally after many months of learning Java/C#, to make a game back on smilebasic. "But Super_Defualtio, you keep saying that you'll make X and make Y, but nothing's ever on your profile page saying that its been done!!" Oh ho ho, calm down my children, for I have been slaving away at the manual and other various resources to learn smilebasic and creating simple prototypes that simply weren't completed, due to said learning. But seriously though, I'm seriously creating a Space Shooter this time --- Promise --- this is the thread that I'm using if I need help from users like you. Or if I need music/art because I don't do music and my art is not as good as it should be. Woot. This is it, I swear on my good programming career, that If I don't make at least one SmileBASIC game (or if I don't finish this game) - I will quit Programming. Or just take a long break/hiatus. EDIT #324: I just realized, I didn't put a description on this game. So basically its going to be an arcade style shooter like Galaga, Galaxia, or those similar to that. But it's going to be more newbie like and not full-fledged triple A title Space Shooter. Thats it.