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Hello:) I am Salvador Cisneros and i am 15 years old.I will post projects soon my friend...soon... Anyway,my NNID is G4M3R43V3R.I have a crappy 2DS but i will get a new 3DS xl on 04/10(My birthday):333 Oh and this is actually my own logo i made using google drawings(Cool huh?)
  1. 54NP41 54NP41 commented on SmileBASIC Source Chat Simulator Are you sure you added EVERY user?Juuust asking:P
  2. 54NP41 54NP41 posted on thread Summary: April First Hey!Sorry about that time...I just don't really take April fools jokes like that:T But it was k...
  3. 54NP41 54NP41 replied to a comment on CAVE ISLAND (ENG) NONONONONONONO THIS MISTAKE TOO D:
  4. 54NP41 54NP41 commented on Nose Picker 3D wow,nice...project..?
  5. 54NP41 54NP41 commented on Alternate Keyboard Is there a way you can make it functional OUTSIDE the program?
  6. 54NP41 54NP41 commented on Friendly Pellet Rain or something GREAT!But i think the jump feels a bit off.
  7. 54NP41 54NP41 replied to a comment on CAVE ISLAND (ENG) ...That was...embarrassing...now i know how...i...didn't hit the...ghost...*Facepalm*
  8. 54NP41 54NP41 commented on CAVE ISLAND (ENG) I need help on the red rod part,he said i need a ranged weapon.I got it and went there and tried...
  9. 54NP41 54NP41 commented on Five Nights at Freddy's SB Wheres the code for the newer versions?
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