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Flappy MZ-800

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Description This has nothing to do with the stupid Flappy bird game :) This one is remake of an old 8bit game released in 1984 for SHARP MZ-800 computer. Many thanx to Petr Šlechta for Java version https://sourceforge.net/projects/flappy/. That was my big inspiration. Finally, I made lot of changes to use BG and Sprites in SmileBasic. I also changed game style to modern - You don´t need any passwords and you have just one live. When you finish the level, you move to the next one. You had to repeat levels again and again many times in an original version of Flappy. Game saves your hi-score and last level to PRG3 Slot, you can save it to disk by Y key. Loading works automatically. Have lots of fun with Flappy for Smile Basic. Instructions Cursors - Move chicken A - fire mushroom X - restart level B - speed up Y - save hiscores and last level to disk (in menu) L/R - return to menu (change pages in menu)
1 Comment(s) Myshaak Myshaak Expert Programmer Programming no longer gives me any trouble. Come to me for help, if you like! Programming Strength Avatar Block I didn't change my avatar for 30 days. Website Zelda Is Awesome! I love The Legend Of Zelda! Express Yourself I added menu for easy select level (with thumbnails) :)