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Description WELCOME TO THE FIRST RELEASE OF HOME! Home is a game in which you are put in a nearly empty town and need to put some life into it. How will you do this? Earn money, create businesses, decorate anywhere you want, and hire people to move to the town! You can do many things. Dig ditches? Mine rocks? Catch bugs? Yup! Decorating is easy (warning - truth incoming - I haven't made it so you can remove furniture, so be careful), though there is not a whole lot of furniture to decorate with. And the graphics? Eye candy. I put a lot of time into the graphics, and so they are rather stunning for a SmileBASIC game. Come and have some fun! Instructions In text boxes, I was too lazy to make create a choice box for every yes/no decision, so A is "yes" and B is "no". Move using the D-pad Holding down works, but if you tap it really fast, you go faster than you should be able to Use the item in your hand with "X" Interact with items in the world with "A" Interact with your inventory by tapping the bottom screen Report any bugs! As always, there's only so many bugs that I can find on my own. As well, I was unable to test on o3DS, so if it runs at 15 fps that's why. As well, any furniture recommendations are gladly accepted. If you could provide the art, it's basically guaranteed to make it in since that's what prevents me from adding a lot of things. Notes Future plans:
  1. Make citizens walk to work instead of teleporting
  2. Increase interaction with citizens
  3. Add more furniture
  4. Add more types of bugs
  5. Fix bugs
  6. Fishing
  7. Make buried treasure
  • home
  • building
  • tycoon
  • bugs
  • sell
  • buy
  • shadows
  • eyecandy
5 Comment(s) Netchi Netchi Video Games I like to play video games! Hobbies Night Person I like the quiet night and sleep late. Express Yourself Pokemon Is Awesome! I love Pokemon! Express Yourself How do I get items? It isn’t really clear. Also the game’s graphics are amazing. blizord blizord Day Person I like the warm sunshine and wake up early! Express Yourself Night Person I like the quiet night and sleep late. Express Yourself This lags like crazy on o3ds. Mariominer Mariominer First Day Joined on the very first day of SmileBASIC Source Website Promoted Page My page was promoted on SmileBASIC Source! Achievements Expert Programmer Programming no longer gives me any trouble. Come to me for help, if you like! Programming Strength Dang it, thought it would :/ I'll fix that in the next update. Gale_Storm Gale_Storm Video Games I like to play video games! Hobbies Night Person I like the quiet night and sleep late. Express Yourself Zelda Is Awesome! I love The Legend Of Zelda! Express Yourself Very nice. Those ambient sounds paid off (although, the sound effect for the flowing water may be a bit loud). This reminds me of the days I was playing flash games online as a kid. Keep up the good work. This is great so far. PesticidePoison PesticidePoison Good Page Hidden Achievements Spring 2017 Contest Runner Up I placed 2nd in the SmileBASIC Source Spring 2017 Contest! Programming Contest Second Year My account is over 2 years old Website I'll have to download this, I love the looks of those shadow graphics. =)