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Description "

An unfinished mess

" I worked on this for two days and it isn't close to being finished. It's pretty much a map editor so far. Things I'm planning on adding in the future - Actual goals - Enemies(notice the spider webs) - Multiple Maps - More buildings - Upgrading buildings - People - Food - Inventory items - Work more on hero mode(add combat, customizations like different armor and weapons, and leveling up) - Add "defending the village"
Instructions You place roads with Y(which currently cost nothing). Select buildings on the touchscreen and place them next to an adjacent road with A. Fisherman's huts have to be placed to an adjacent water source. In hero mode, chop down trees and mine ores by facing them and holding A. Markets now give off money.
3 Comment(s) Sam Sam Amazing Page Hidden Achievements Summer 2016 Contest Runner Up I placed 2nd in the SmileBASIC Source Summer 2016 Contest! Programming Contest OSP Contest 2 Contest Participant I participated in the second SmileBASIC Source OSP Contest! Right as I finally figured out how to chop wood: That's it lol I've had enough. For those like me who are testing this game, here's things you should know:
  1. It's always the same map. Not randomly generated.
  2. Markets generate gold (very slowly).
  3. All the other buildings are absolutely useless. (Well, maybe one or two of them has a very small effect that I couldn't see)
  4. To get any wood, stone, or ruby/sapphire (these last two are useless btw), you have to enter Hero mode and hold A. There's no other way to get some.
  5. Don't press A next to an edge of the map like I did in the screenshot above.
As for good points, mmmmmmmmmmmmm the graphics look okay? Conclusion: this is too much of an unfinished mess.
blizord blizord Day Person I like the warm sunshine and wake up early! Express Yourself Night Person I like the quiet night and sleep late. Express Yourself Oh yeah, I never got to that. Also, like I already said, it's not a game yet so don't try to think it's one. Here is what each of the buildings will do in the future: fisherman's hut will give off food, wood cutters lodge will give you more wood for every tree you chop down a tree, you'll be able to craft weapons and armor for your hero with the blacksmith, monastery will raise the village defense(for when monsters are added), Windmill will power the wheat farms, wheat farms will give off food, houses will add population or something idk, and yeah markets give off money. The maps aren't randomly generated, yes, but I'll be adding more. There will also be a save option. Pretty much, the goal of the game in my head right now is "see how big you can make the village before you get gobbled up by spiders(or whatever enemy that I'll add)". If you noticed, there are lots of spider webs throughout the map, so the bigger your village is the harder it is to stay alive(I guess?).
Giant_Gamer Giant_Gamer Spring 2017 Contest Participant I participated in the SmileBASIC Source Spring 2017 Contest! Programming Contest Intermediate Programmer I can make programs, but I still have trouble here and there. Programming Strength Winter 2016 Contest Participant I participated in the SmileBASIC Source Winter 2016 Contest! Programming Contest It's very VERY nice "unfinished mess". I would be happy to see an update to this when you have the time to do so. Also I wish I could just throw a somewhat working concept of this quality in just two days!