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Space Race! Version 4.0

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Description A simple space shooter, where the interstellar traffic is endless and you have the tools to clear it! A good example of array usage, and many other techniques to manage multiple objects at one time on both screens. Version 4.0 -Fixed bug where ships might not be removed from the screen if you kill them when you die. -Stars are no longer sprites -Stars vary in length based on speed -Stars vary in color -Added respawn "reboot" sequence to lower screen -Added old CRT effect to lower screen -Added radar grid lines for next version -Addressed issue with star background flicker should frame rate dip below 60 FPS -General optimization/tweaks for a better user experience Version 3: -Lower screen now displays stats -Added two weapons cannon, and charged super beam -Minor graphical tweaks -Use of backgrounds to render lower screen -Weapon charge gauge added -Changed BGM music, changes every 10 levels Version 2: -Cleaner coding -Benchmark mode -Generated 3-D star background Version 1: -100-line self challenge -Basic collision -Level progression Instructions Controls: -D-Pad to move left and right -Hold A to charge a shot -Hold A longer to unleash more destruction Download and run it!
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