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Description MID is a 2 - 4 player real time strategy game. Each player has a castle on their corner of the randomly generated map and the objective of the game is to collect a certain amount of gems. Players can take gems from the temple in the middle of the map or steal them from other players. Instructions



In the top of main.prg there are a list of general options and advanced options. The first general option gives you the ability to turn off the selecting of names and skills when the game starts. You can set the defaults for each player on the lines below it. The next option is whether to have gems obtainable from caves or not. This option is off by default. Under advanced options you can change the number of starting gems per player, the number of gems needed to win, the amount of money each player starts with, the number of turns in the building phase, the amount of money per turn, the minimum damage needed to steal gems from other players, the forts starting health, money gained per chest(lowest, highest), money per attacker kill, wait time for pay interval, pay amount per interval, amount of additional pay per fort owned, the range of campfires, the damage multiplier of campfires, the damage multipliers of enhanced defenders and attackers(general and specific)

Game Mechanics


Each player chooses a skill at the beginning of the game. There are 4 different options: Average, Speed, Damage, Health/Range. When you enhance an attacker or defender with a potion your skill determines the stat bonus. Average gives a small bonus to all stats, while the others give one bigger bonus to a single stat(Only attackers have health and only defenders have range so they are combined into one skill).

Building Phase

When the game starts, you are brought to the building phase. In it, each player has a select amount of turns to build paths, bridges, or chop trees before the game starts.


You can place paths on grass and bridges over water. To get to chests, caves, forts, the temple, or other players castles you must send attackers across routes that consist of paths or bridges. There are two slots that you can manually create routes in that will automatically save. There is an option that finds the quickest possible path for you if you select an attacker and then a start and end point. The end of a route has to be directly on the tile at which you want to go. Routes can only start on your castle or an owned fort.

Collecting Gems

To collect a gem you can send an attacker to the temple(starts with 3 gems) or another players castle(there is also an option to make them obtainable in an extremely low chance from caves but it is off by default). The first gem in the middle can be collected with any attacker. The second gem needs a soldier or assassin(because higher attack output). The third gem needs a wizard(or a damage skill enhanced soldier/assassin). To capture gems from other player the minimum damage output needed is soldier/assassin. The current settings have it so each player starts with 2 gems and needs 5 to win.

Chests, Caves, and Forts

You can send attackers to all of these tiles. When you open a chest there is currently a 50% you will get a potion and a 50% you will get an amount of money between 200-500. The chest then disappears from the map. When you send an attacker to a cave there is a ~80% you will get 30 stone and ~20% you will get 15 bombs. If you set gemMine on then there is about a 1% you will get a gem. When you send an attacker to an unoccupied fort then you will immediately capture it. This will give you additional money in each pay interval. You will also be able to send attacker directly from the fort. On top of that, some items cost more the farther you are from your closest base. Your castle is your starting base but any owned forts will act as bases as well. When you capture a base it will start with a certain amount of health(currently 50) and other players can attack it and try to capture it. You can heal a fort by sending your attacker to it and it will get healed the amount of your attackers damage output.

Manual Defenders

Some defenders don't shoot automatically and must be manually aimed and shot by having the cursor over them and holding R. You can scroll through all of your manual defenders by pressing L.

List of stuff

Trap - Can be placed on a path. Will destroy the first attacker it comes in contact with. Boulder - Can be used anywhere. It will roll across the screen wiping out any opposing attackers. The normal size is 1x1 tile but if enhanced with a potion is 3x3. Campfire - Can be placed on grass. It will give an attack boost to any defender within a 3 tile radius. Wall - Can be built with stone and placed on grass. It will block any projectiles shot from defenders. Explosion - Costs a certain number of bombs. It will blow up things on each surrounding tile. Currently it only destroys trees and walls. Archer - An automatic defender with good range but low attack power. Mage - An automatic defender with low range but good attack power. Catapult - A manual defender that has good damage but low range and bullet speed. Ship - A manual defender that has good range and bullet speed but low damage. HeavySling - A manual defender that one shots everything but has a 20 second cooldown. Scout - An all around weak attacker. Soldier - An attacker with high hp, but average speed and damage. Assassin - An attacker with high speed, but average hp and damage. Wizard - an attacker with high damage, but average speed and hp.

8/10/19 - Initial release

The game is extremely unbalanced in its current state. I am planning on continually doing testing, balancing and adding features. Any feedback on the brokenness would be a great help.

8/11/19 - Update

- Fixed a bug that allowed the use of potions when you had none left - Fixed a bug that wouldn't let you place traps on bridges - Increased the price of boulders - Decreased the amount of money earned from birds and fairys.
3 Comment(s) Vakore Vakore I would play it, but I dont have SB switch!(or anyone who would be willing to play with me) the_squat1115 the_squat1115 Minecraft Is Awesome! I love Minecraft! Express Yourself Intermediate Programmer I can make programs, but I still have trouble here and there. Programming Strength Video Games I like to play video games! Hobbies I don't have it, too. Could someone make a port to SB3? banana banana RNG Hidden Easter Eggs Disguised Hidden Website Expert Programmer Programming no longer gives me any trouble. Come to me for help, if you like! Programming Strength Well... You can!