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Seed Journey OSP

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Description In this entry to the second SmileBASIC Source one-screen program contest, one seed attempts to cross the sea with the aid of a wind spirit. The daitengu, feuding with that wind spirit for offering the help of the wind to anything but birds, sends legions of youkai birds to stop the seedling. The seed faces other dangers, too: fly too high, and the sun will burn it. Too low, and the waves will catch it. You are that wind spirit. Carry the seed as far as you can! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okNRzTxdI60 Instructions Touch the bottom screen to fly upward. Use the trigger buttons to call on a strong wind. After failing and being washed away, use any face button to restart. It's also nice to just relax and watch the waves. Notes If you are running on an old 3DS and find that it runs too slowly, please try the following modifications: - On the line beginning 1R=0WHILE, change D R,T-F/2:D R,T: to just D R,T-F/2- On the line beginning D:WHILE A, change the 8 in A<8 to a lower value to reduce the number of waves. - On the line beginning ND(1+T/2e3) change 2e3 to 1e3 Additionally, if you find the visuals to be too dark, try omitting the region FOR I=1TO 399SPSET I,1SPCOLOR I,I/3<<24SPSCALE I,25,.1SPFS I,,I NEXT Changelog: 4.2: Hide keyboard during gameplay, more accurate distance display, some palette changes 4.0: First release For my plant hijack entry last year, please see https://smilebasicsource.com/forum?fpid=16595#post_16595
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6 Comment(s) mrraccoonguy mrraccoonguy 3452 meters on my first try Yttria Yttria Nice, I think I only got 1000 or so during testing. Mr_Mo Mr_Mo Promoted Page My page was promoted on SmileBASIC Source! Achievements Video Games I like to play video games! Hobbies Zelda Is Awesome! I love The Legend Of Zelda! Express Yourself huh. I don't know where I got the Idea, but I was sure that you didn't have smilebasic. IAmRalsei IAmRalsei Forum Leader Hidden Achievements First Year My account is over 1 year old Website Expert Programmer Programming no longer gives me any trouble. Come to me for help, if you like! Programming Strength i don't think they do. their key for the first OSP contest was given by 12Me21, Lumage likely used a SB emulator to write it tho Lacks Lacks Good to see the Head admin supporting the game Yttria Yttria Lumage bought SmileBASIC recently. Lumage did write this one with emacs and the emulator though for typing reasons though ww so maybe you're both right.