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Pet Rock

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Description It's a simulation game with a rock. In this game, you can "feed" a rock, bathe it, play games with it, and change the rock type. Your rock will need things as it lives—y'know like all rocks do. CHANGELOG Version 4.0 (BIG Update)
  1. Added the ability for the rock to want stuff (like a Tamagotchi)
  2. Added a "story"
  3. Added naming your rock
  4. Added the ability for the rock to run away
  5. Bug fixes Key: DR472NE
Version 3.0 (Games Update)
  1. Added another game
  2. Added instruction screens for both of the games
  3. Added game selection menu
  4. Added music
  5. Bug fixes Key: DK28V5CY
Version 2.2 (Rock Choose Update)
  1. D-Pad controls in the Rock Choosing menu
  2. Bug fixes Key: 4ELX523E
Version 2.1 (Interface Update)
  1. D-Pad controls in main menu
  2. The game has a crummy title screen Key: WZN4Y3L4
Version 2.0 (Button Update)
  1. Button controls in main menu
  2. New crummy title screen
  3. Deleted the font version
  4. Deleted the backup files Key: 4348EXHP
Version 1.3 (Flag Update)
  1. New flag graphic in the game Key: 4KN5SER3
Version 1.2 (Bug Fixing Update)
  1. The game doesn't give negative values
  2. The game shows the current rock selected Key: 2D7333H4
Version 1.1 (Font Update)
  1. Added font version Key: KBB33KAV
Version 1.0 (Initial Release)
  1. Base game Key: REMOVED
Instructions Use the D-Pad to select an option and click A to commence the selected option. You better make sure your rock's meters (hunger, hygiene, and happiness) don't go too far down or else... For Push the Rock, repeatedly click the A button. For Guess Which Way, use the D-Pad to select which way you think your rock is going to face.
  • Rock
  • Pet
  • Simulation
  • Sim
  • Tamagotchi
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